previously owned by John Buszard
1962 Seven Series Two
Vegantune Twincam


1962 Lotus Seven Series 2 purchased in 1969, originally with 1340cc Cosworth engine (3 bearing Consul Classic engine with Cosworth head). Original small size off-set petrol tank (allows larger cargo area). VIN # SB1403. A genuine Series 2 with original chassis.

1970­Rebuilt with:

  • Tested and repaired chassis and roll over bar by Racing Frames (Universal Radiators) who built the original chassis for Lotus Components (Original Chassis number on original cross member)
  • New body panels by the Alert Motor Works who had built the original body for Lotus Components
  • New wiring
  • Updated to Series 3 spec with:
  • Ford back axle (massively strengthened) allowing reasonable differential ratios. I have two differentials of different ratios.
  • Series 3 wide rear wings
  • 1600 X-flow engine

1980­Uprated before moving to Canada with:

  • 1965 Lotus Elan Twin-cam engine and gearbox Rebuilt by Vegantune to their 150 bhp spec
  • 14" Revolution Wheels with 60 series tires fitted in 1985
  • Stainless exhaust

1999­Mechanical rebuild including:

  • Vegantune Twin-cam properly rebuilt with new block; new crank; forged pistons. Slightly more powerful now!
  • Head properly rebuilt with new valves; seats; guides.
  • Gearbox rebuilt with new bearings; new synchro; new selectors.
  • Rear suspension trailing rods and bushes replaced.
  • Two "A" frames, one modified with spherical bush (fitted) in place of rubber bushes.
  • New front suspension vertical links and bushings. Larger disks and calipers (GT6) fitted. New front tires (Yokohama 195/60-14)

2003­New rear tires (Yoko 215/60-14).

General Information:

  • Regularly run 3 or 4 times a year at Sprints and Hill Climbs in the UK during the 1970's. Mainly ran AMOC events at Whiscombe and Curborough.
    Some slaloms and hill climbs in Quebec in 1980's.
  • Soft-top and tonneau.
  • Has been used by myself on the road every year since 1969

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