Just-Eat - Current Logo

Late 1999 I founded an internet company called Just-Eat with two partners; Jesper Buch and Henrik Nordby Østergaard. Our website gave restaurants all over Denmark a way to offer their take away food to the customers via the internet. I was responsible for all technical aspects of the concept and was directly involved until 2002. From 2002 till we sold the company to an English investor in 2006 I was member of the board and assisting in sorting out technical and conceptual issues.

After the company was sold in 2006, I decided to focus on new projects, striving to expand my knowledge and experience in the field. I have since worked on innovative concepts, utilizing my expertise in the areas of software development, product design, and project management. I have taken on a variety of roles to stay up to date with the ever-evolving technology landscape. I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities to grow my skillset.