I'm a Dane living and working in Marbella, Spain.

If you read Danish, you can follow my blog at http://peme.wordpress.com to see what I'm up to here in Spain, check out my 875 km hike across Spain and other random postings or you can follow the life of my 1962 Lotus Seven here.

Questions or comments? Send me a mail at info@permeldgaard.com or look me up on one of the profiels listed below.


I've been in the online business since the first sites appeared on the Net. Through my employment with a variety of companies, ranging from thriving startups to international advertising agencies to NASDAQ-listed corporations, I've been successfully involved in all technical aspects of inventing, developing, maintaining, and promoting online products and activities.
Ever since I got involved in the digital world as a CD-rom developer back in 1997, I've constantly been following new trends and technologies and putting them to work, for instance as one of the founders of Just-Eat.com, Europe's biggest online food-ordering portal.

I co-founded Just-Eat.com in 2000; today, it is a highly successful company with a valuation of approximately 75 million GBP. I was a shareholder of Just-Eat.com until 2005, when I sold my shares. I have since been helping companies like Bon'A Parte, Danfoss and Brightpoint thrive on the Net.

After working in Trier, Germany, for a couple of years, I moved to Spain to start up a new venture with Jesper Buch, my partner in founding Just-Eat.com back in 2000.

We founded Mentaline.com in November, 2009 with a very clear mission to become the biggest and most trustworthy supplier of online therapy and coaching through innovation, customer satisfaction and close affiliation with our professionals.

The circle of owners consists of a mix between successful serial entrepreneurs, advisors with each their own high expertise area and finally also the management. See the people behind Mentaline.com here

Current project

I'm currently working with a number of interesting clients on consultancy basis. Helping them achieve their goals by utilizing my knowledge and experience. Some of the areas I'm involved in are:

  • Optimizing marketing plans
  • Optimizing business plans
  • Finding the best price-point mix
  • App development
  • Website, booking system etc. development
  • Ebook creation and publishing

Profiles around the web

Twitter: @peme (by the way member number 2545 and the first to tweet from Scandinavia)

Facebook: Per Meldgaard

LinkedIn: Per Meldgaard

Google Profile: Per Meldgaard

and probably most other sites out there. Try searching for a profile called peme and it's highly likely it's me.


Calle Valdes 2, 1C
29602 Marbella, Malaga
Phone: +34 628 624 512